to present you our Naming Partner for the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Final in Utsunomiya


We are a non-profit association that accompanies young people from sport to working life since 2011. TNV supports deserving young sportsmen by helping them create the conditions for their future development and offering them better opportunities for success in life (sports and working). The association supports the young sportsmen and their families over a multi-year course.


We promote sport as a training vehicle by focusing on professionalism.  We are a group of psychologists, educators and teachers, experts in emotions and relationships, sports enthusiasts.  We provide managers and coaches of sports clubs with our skills to train not only the technical, tactical and physical aspects but also the relational, emotional and educational components.  

Our goal is to train the “well-being through sport”.


We accompany the girls and boys who deserve it, from a point of view of attitude and behavior, to enter into the working life thanks to different internships offered by our partner companies.  We are convinced that sport can be a precious environment in which to transmit important values, training young people to be in relationship, to live and to manage emotions.  In our work, we try to make these aspects concrete and observable, so that we can train them explicitly.  In the working life, young people who know how to work in groups, manage time and pressure, and communicate effectively are appreciated and sought after. All aspects that can be trained through sport.