Lausanne 3x3 is Swiss Champion 2019

First time in Switzerlands 3x3 history the Swiss Tour Final was played in one of the most crowded public places of Zurich - the main station in the heart of the city.

Team Lausanne startet the tournament with a blast and a couple of dunks and 2 pointers, winning 22:8 against Team Bern. The second group game against an undersized and young team Vevey ended 22:7.

At 3 o'clock the 2 point contest took place at the central court and Lausannes Marco Lehmann showed why he's called The Marksman on the Pro Tour. Scoring 11/15 2-pointers in 30sec from 3 different positions, he won the contest in his hometown.

In the 1/4final Lausanne had to face the hometeam Zurich Chopfab with their strong and tall guy Ilja Vranic. After a slow start in the game Gilles Martin and co. defended very well and they were able to close the game 21:12.

In the semifinal Lausanne had to face the squad from Montreux. 3 weeks ago they showed a strong performence at the Yekaterinburg Challenger. Lausanne startet fast into the game with a lot of ballmovement wich lead to easy baskets. Montreux couldn't react after this start and the game kept going on with some spectacular blocks and dunks by Natan Jurkovitz and Wester Molteni. Lausanne qualified fot the final with a score of 21:10.

Also in the final vs. Team Los Biscuitos Lausanne showed that they are the number 1 Team in Switzerland. In a quick final with a lot of 2 pointers and a posterdunk from highflyer Natan Jurkovitz, they finished the game 21:15 and became Swiss Champions 2019.

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