Lausanne reaches another WT-Quarter-Final in Montreal

Team Lausanne had to face a very difficult pool with the #1 team in the World (Novi Sad) and Ralja, also from Serbia. At the last moment team Ralja could not participate due to some problems with their visa, so the local team Old Montreal was added to the pool.

Friday evening after the arrival Lausanne had an “unusual” practice on a street-court in the middle of the city of Montreal. Some local players asked to join the practice and played some friendly games against Team Lausanne.

The next day the Masters started and the tornament opener was Novi Sad vs. Lausanne.

At the beginning the team had a good start on defense, but the experience of Novi Sad and a bad percentage from outside shots put de balance on their side very quickly.

Lausanne had a late reaction but it was too late and the game finished 21-13 for the serbians.

Second game and last chance to advance to the ¼ finals started completely different with Lausanne moving the ball really quick and Wes Molteni cleaning the boards.

They alternated some good rotations in defense and shot way better than the first game. After 3 consecutive 2 pointers by Marco Lehmann the game looked like a clear win for Lausanne. But they struggled to score the 21st point to end the game. The home team was pushed by the crowd of Montreal and believed in the surprise until the end. But then they fouled Molteni under the basket and he could finish the game 21:19 on the free throw line.

On day 2 Edmonton was the team to beat to advance to the semifinals. Lausanne was unlucky that Leandro Lima injured himself in game one the day before at the first day.

The game started with some shots from outside by Edmonton and they created a large advantage in a couple of minutes. After this, Edmonton used their big size advantage very good and they scored easy points against the much smaller Team Lausanne. They tried with some 2 pointers to get back in the game, but once again they did not succeed and had one of their worst losses this season with 21-6.

Like always, they will learn from the loss and get ready for the next Masters in Los Angeles!

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