Second Place for High-Flying Lausanne

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

The 6th and 7th of July, Team Lausanne got back to its roots, when playing the World Tour Challenger in Poitiers. It is the city where Team Lausanne was officially founded two years ago at the EuroCup Qualifier 2017.

This time Team Lausanne found itself in a though group with Lyon Blacklist and Pasig Chooks, which is a strong team from the Philippines. Nevertheless the four Swiss finished the first day of the tournament undefeated (21:18 vs. Lyon and 22:17 vs. Pasig Chooks) and were able to showcase a lot of highlights in offense as well as in defense.

On Saturday, Team Lausanne faced Nantes in the quarter final, which is at the same time the French national team. The game challenged both teams as it was an up-and-down with a lot of leadchanges. Somehow none of the teams was able to tie the score which lead to an equal score of 19 points each 0.9sec before the buzzer. At the checkball King Wes decided the game with a crazy shot from outside the arc and made Lausanne win 21:19 and qualify for the semi final.

In the semi final, we played against an unknown and recently formed team from Podgorica, Montenegro. Leaving Team Lausanne physically in an inferior position, Podgorica could not keep up with the speed and ball movement of the Swiss team. This is why Lausanne could end the game by reaching 21 points thanks to a beautiful pass combination play in the ninth minute (final score 21:18). After almost two years (since the WT Lausanne 2017) this marks the first international final Lausanne could qualify for.

After a long break due to rain showers and the resulting drying-works on the court, the final against Piran could eventually start with a delay of two hours. The team coming from Slovenia, is one Lausanne already faced many times in the past and always came short. Thanks to some quick moves of Gilles Martin, Lausanne started the game with a 3:0-run. Piran then answered with some smart moves putting the ball under the basket and using the existing physical missmatches between the teams. Lausanne found themselves quickly in fou troubles after 4 minutes and lost control of the gameplay. This resulted in accepting an 11:21 defeat.

Despite the lost final, Team Lausanne proofed once more that they can take it up against the best teams and get back home with a great result. All this leaves them very optimistic for the future and made them get back home with 10k dollars prize-money.

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