We are so proud to have Maurice Lacroix as our Platinum  Partner for the upcoming two seasons which is the run-up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. 


We share the same values as they do: Time is as important in watchmaking as it is in our own discipline. Essentially, every minute counts on the court. Time can be our friend, as well as our enemy. We couldn’t imagine a better partner than Maurice Lacroix. The brand is dynamic and cutting-edge, which is totally aligned with our understanding of modern watchmaking!"


Maurice Lacroix even gave us the opportunity to select the watch that we wanted to support us in our future exploits - and we all chose the AIKON Automatic collection. Sporty, as well as modern and contemporary, not to mention robust, this model is the perfect accessory on our path to victory!

For sure they also have a beautiful watch that matches you perfectly! Check it out here.

AIKON Chronograph 44mm Natan.png

AIKON Chronograph 44mm

Time is important because in my job as a basketball player, every second is important. We only have 24 seconds to score a basket so 1 second is huge to make the difference against the opponent. Outside of the game, the time to rest, to get better or to change our mind is important.


- Natan -

AIKON Automatic 42mm Gilles.png

Aikon automatic


 As an athlete time is an important metric. The process of hard work and the road to the right performance takes a lot of time and dedication.  Therefore, having a ML watch on my wrist will reminds me every day, how hard I have to work to achieve my goals. Let’s not lose time and get back to work.

- Gilles -

AIKON AutomaticChronograph 44mmMarco.png

Aikon automatic chronograph 44mm

When im not playing basketball im working as a landscapearchitect. So im always inbetween of sport and design. The Aikon automatic chronograph is a perfect match. It units elegance and a fresh and sporty design.

- Marco -

AIKON Automatic 42mmWes.png

Aikon automatic


I got the AIKON Automatic model because I really like the bracelet’s design combined with that blue dial. I was also surprised by the fact that I can change the straps in 10 seconds. So it is like having multiples watches. I think this is a plus for young peoples who love watches, but can not afford more than one. Whit this AIKON they can!


- Westher -