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Have you ever heard of Team Lausanne 3x3?

First of all, we are the 3x3 basketball team that represents Lausanne in the FIBA World Tour. At the same time we are the national team of Switzerland in 3x3 basketball. And we are also a fun group of friends. So let's introduce ourselves to you with some more details.

Gilles Martin (33)

175cm/5'9" - 70kg/154lbs - Lausanne


When traveling with Gilles, you feel like having a bunch of kids around you. He's always up for a joke or a prank. On the court he is our shortest and swiftest team member.

Even though he plays basketball since he is 7 years old, he studied sport sciences in Lausanne and made a master in management at the University of Sydney. Besides the basketball he now works as the COO of the start-up Tayo.

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Marco Lehmann (29)

186cm/6'1" - 90kg/198lbs - Zurich


Marco grew up in an absolute basketball family and dedicates his leisure time to playing basketball since he is able to stand on his own feet, which were oversized already back then. He's the calm pole in our team and likes the fast plays on the court.


In summer 2018 he finished his studies in landscape architecture in Rapperswil. That's why he now works as a landscape architect in Bern when not on the basketball court.

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Westher Molteni (35)

198cm/6'6" - 100kg/220lbs - Lugano


Since 12 years you can find Westher on the list of the Swiss basketball professionals. Rumors said that he spends more money on his hairstyles than in food.

Besides the effort he puts into 3x3 with Team Lausanne, he works for Swiss Basketball where he is in charge of the national development of 3x3.

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“If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.”


African Proverb

Our Mission

Our Mission

With Team Lausanne we want to stay in the Top 10 teams in the World in the 3x3 basketball and we also wish to bring, for the first time in it's history, the Swiss basketball to the Olympic Games 2024, taking place in Paris. That's why we need to play as many World Tour Challengers as possible to collect important points for the ranking. 

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