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Dusan Bulut Joining Lausanne-Sport

It’s happening! The Serbian legend Dusan Bulut is back on the FIBA 3x3 pro tour as a new member of our family till the end of the season!

➖ Former 3x3 world 🥇 player

➖ 4 🏆 world tour champ (2 MVP)

➖ 4 🏆 FIBA 3x3 wolrd cup (2MVP)

➖ 🥉 Olympic games

➖ 2 🏆 European Cup

🤝 Playing that game since 2012

This deal can be a game changer as he will bring his love, passion and experience to our guys!

The goal remains the same: be as good as possible and qualify Switzerland for Paris 2024.

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